Counter Punch Wines was founded by Stephen and Julie Hare in 2012.  Stephen
has spent his adult life in the California wine industry and has always yearned to
start his own wine label.  When Julie was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 2008,
we were amazed at how many great organizations provided help.  

November 2011 found us attending an MS support group session at the University of
California, San Francisco.  We were in awe of the brave faces that looked MS in the
eye every day.   As Stephen was reflecting of the events from that evening, he gazed
at a picture of his grandparents hanging on the family room wall.  That photo became
the inspiration and label for our wine.  

Counter Punch Wines was started with the mutual goals of producing small lots of
hand-made wines from California’s best vineyards while generating funds that would
allow us to give something back to organizations that help “Counter Punch” the
effects of MS.

Counter Punch Wines
3636 Dartmouth Dr.
Napa, CA 94558